District Attorney Survives Assassination Attempt in Northern Peru

The car of a district attorney in northern Peru was shot up on Wednesday. According to RPP Noticias, the attorney survived the assassination attempt, which was believed to have beeen carried out by a local gang.

The district attorney, Agustin Risco, was driving on the Panamericana Norte highway outside of Trujillo when he was forced to pull over by criminals who had put spikes on the road. The criminals fired 12 bullets into the car.

Authorities believe the unsuccessful hit was orchestrated by a local gang seeking revenge for the arrest of one of their members, a 23-year-old woman. The woman was arrested when she visited the prison to see her partner, the leader of the gang, and security guards found there was a warrant for her arrest.

Risco was returning from a hearing at a local prison where the woman is being held, charged with allegedly trying to extort a local farmer.

There have been several incidents of violence against authorities this year in Peru. A number of mayors were gunned down earlier this year, while the vice president of the northern Amazonas region was also killed.

While the crime rate is lower in Peru than many other Latin American nations, the perception that there is a lack of insecurity is widespread in the Andean nation. Tackling crime is seen as a top priority among many Peruvians, according to opinion polls.

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