Alan García: Peru will beat global financial crisis by the end of 2009

Peruvians, working together, will beat the global financial crisis by the end of 2009, said Peru President Alan García on Tuesday.

“We’re on the right track, our nation is moving forward, and you get rest assured that, of all the countries affected by the crisis, our country will save itself from the immense threat that has brought others to their knees, destroying employment and the economy,” said García during a stopover in the Department of La Libertad. “2010 will be better, and the year after that even better.

“When one sees that the United States, the world’s most powerful and buoyant economy, has fallen by 5 percent and that Peru’s economy could grow by as much as 4 percent… it means not only that 9 points separate us, but that Peru is doing much better, and doing it so more responsibly,” added García.

García’s comments were made barely a week after Finance Minister Luis Carranza said that the crisis had reached its maximum low-point in Peru, and that a recuperation period had begun.

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