Garcia to announce new Cabinet; Velasquez to seek APRA presidential ticket

President Alan García will announce a new Cabinet Tuesday following the resignation of Prime Minister Javier Velasquez, the president’s office said in a release.

“I accept the resignation of [Javier] Velasquez… and I’m going to announce a new Cabinet on Tuesday,” Garcia said.

Velasquez announced his resignation and confirmed he would seek the nomination of President Garcia’s Aprista party in order to run for president in 2011, daily El Comercio reported.

Other Cabinet members also resigned, which is standard procedure following the resignation of the Cabinet chief.

Velasquez said he expects Transportation and Communications Minister Enrique Cornejo, Labor Minister Manuela Garcia, Foreign Affairs Minister Jose Garcia Belaunde and the Minister of Culture, Juan Ossio, will be renamed to their cabinet positions.

“Enrique [Cornejo] will obviously stay. The labor minister is doing a good job, the minister of culture was recently named to the position so he has to stay,… [and Garcia Belaunde] has done an extraordinary job,” daily El Comercio reported Velasquez as saying.

Velasquez also said he expects Economy and Finance Minister Mercedes Araoz to be renamed, while Education Minister Jose Antonio Chang may become the new Cabinet chief.

Meanwhile, Peru’s Foreign Trade and Tourism minister, Martin Perez, is planning to step down from his position to run for election in Congress.

Peru’s Minister of Women, Nidia Vilchez, Agriculture Minister Adolfo de Cordova and Interior Minister Octavio Salazar have also expressed interest in running for positions in Peru’s Congress.

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