Peruvian serving in U.S. Army among dead in soldier’s deadly rampage in Iraq

Sergeant Christian Bueno Galdós, a Peruvian-American serving in the U.S. Army, was among the servicemen murdered by another U.S. soldier who inexplicably opened fire on his fellow troops, daily El Comercio reported Wednesday.

Bueno, a 7-year veteran, who was serving a third tour of duty in Iraq, was killed Monday, along with four other soldiers when Sgt. John M. Russell, of Sherman, Texas, opened fire on them in the U.S.’ “Camp Liberty,” which is located northeast of Baghdad’s airport.

According to reports aired on CNN, the shooting took place in an on-base psychiatric clinic.

“We don’t know what really happened for sure,” said Bueno’s uncle, Daniel Toranso. “He was born in Mollendo, and had been in the Army for seven years now. He had won many medals, and had three military careers: criminalistics, aviation and biochemical engineering.”

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