Van der Sloot may qualify for extradition under Peru-Netherlands treaty

Peru and the Netherlands have signed an extradition agreement that may allow Dutch citizen Joran van der Sloot to serve his sentence in the Netherlands.

Peruvian Foreign Relations Minister Jose Antonio Garcia Belaunde signed the agreement with his Dutch counterpart, Uri Rosenthal, on Thursday, daily La Republica reported.  The main reason for the treaty is the prison terms of Dutch nationals serving sentences for drug-related convictions.

“At the request the judiciary, Peru could turn over prisoners to finish their sentence in their country of origin,” Garcia Belaunde said.

There are currently 68 Dutch prisoners in Peruvian prisons, the second highest nationality among 664 European inmates after Spain, according to Radio Netherlands. Most of the prisoners are serving sentences related to drug trafficking.

However there are a few that have been convicted or charged with murder, including Van der Sloot.

Van der Sloot is being held in connection to the 2010 slaying of Stephany Flores, a 21-year-old University of Lima business administration student.

His lawyer, Maximo Altez, said Van der Sloot may be eligible for an extradition under the treaty.

Van der Sloot plans to plead guilty to the Flores murder under the argument of the “violent emotion” defense, which would give a sentence of up to five years, compared to 25 years in prison for a first degree murder sentence.

“If [Van der Sloot] gets five years, I would recommend that he goes to his home country. If he gets a higher penalty, we must examine the matter,” said Altez.

Van der Sloot is also the prime suspect in the disappearance in Aruba of US teenager Natalie Holloway.

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  1. Joran needs to serve his time in his own country. What every caused his mistake will be justified where ever he does his time. Peru is corrupted and shouldnt be useing him for fame and money. In his own country he will be treated like every other inmate, let him serve his time at home.He for one didnt kill the American girl maybe sold her. The Peru woman caused her own death, she probably did hit Joran and one thing lead to another,Peru women are known to hit men. I believe he killed her by accindent.

  2. deborah sletten says:

    I think the treaty is a good thing. I hope the best for Joran.

  3. He commited the crime in Peru and therefore he must spend his time in jail over there.
    For to long this guy is telling lies and stuff… it is time he gets what he deserves.
    The harm he has done to many people and families and even television is just unbelievable… the only category i would puth him in is under the word “Monster” This guy has no sympathy and no emotions…

    In holland they will just lower the sentence and let him be free after some years.
    Prisons in Holland are just a joke compared to other country’s … the whole judge system in Holland is a joke.

    I hope this guy will rot in hell.

    Nuff said.

  4. give vander sloot the maximum sentence and let him rot in peruvian jail for murdering peruvian and american women letting him loose and sentence him for five years is crazy. he will kill again if released. a killer will never stop killing. so abrogate the treaty and peruvian officials are stupid for signing a treaty to release the murderer of their good citizen.

    • Zack and Robert are correct. This person is a killer and will, most likely, kill again. Wait to see it in the headlines later on….

  5. “Mistake”? Come off it! The guy murdered a Peruvian young woman. I don’t call murder a “mistake.” Next, even if he didn’t kill Natalee Holloway, if you think that she’s having a great time having been sold, you’re a complete moron. The man is a pathological liar who got caught this time. Let him rot in Peru’s jail where he’d be as uncomfortable as the the two women were prior to his killing them.

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