Elias Wins Silver at Pan American Games

Panamerican Games-Toronto-Peru-Silver

Peruvian squash player Diego Elias, left, Miguel Rodriguez of Colombia gold), and Shawn DaLierre of Canada and Cesar Salazar of Mexico, who tied for third place.

Peruvian squash player Diego Elías took the silver medal in the men’s single finals on Sunday, at the Pan American games being held in Toronto.

The 18-year-old, who carried the Peruvian flag in the opening ceremony festivities, played a tough game in the final against the event’s favorite, Miguel Rodriguez of Colombia, who has won the gold and is fifth in the world squash ranking.

There are 156 Peruvian sports players at the games this year, the largest group ever.

The 11 athletes participating include multi-champion runner Ines Melchor (10k and marathon), Jorge McFarlane (110 m and hurdles),  Zulema Arenas (3k and obstacles), and Raul Machacuay (marathon).

The Peruvian Athletics Federation said that 27 athletes had qualified for the games, but a last-minute decision by the Association of Pan American Athletics to reduce the number of participants meant each country had to reduce its delegation.  The APA had expected to receive 680 athletes but more than 1000 had registered, which led to their decision only eight days before the event opened in Toronto on the weekend.

Other sports in which Peru is participating include kayaking, soccer, gymnastics, badminton, rowing, skeet shooting, and water sports including synchronized swimming and diving.

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  1. Philip Brown says:

    I am confused. The article says there are 156 Peruvian athletes at the PA games, but then says 11 are participating. It does not add up? Thanks, nice article.

    • Ellie Griffis says:

      We’ll correct the article. There are 156 sports players (skeet shooting, swimming, badminton, etc) and 11 in athletics (marathon, sprint, 10k etc).

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