Peru Journalists Attacked, Threatened Over Coverage

Peruvian journalists have come under fire in two separate incidents that are believed to be linked to municipal politics in the Andean nation.

Early Thursday, unknown individuals used dynamite against a radio station called Stereo Digital, in the area of Cayalti, located near the northern-coastal city of Chiclayo, RPP Noticias reported.

The owner of the station, Paul Alvarado, said he believes the attack was due to the radio station’s questioning of some candidates for the upcoming municipal elections in the zone, to be held on March 16.

Alvarado told RPP that everything suffered damages, including microphones and computers. “I hope the national police investigate this and find those responsible,” he said.

Meanwhile, two journalists in the Andean village of Pomabamba, located in the Ancash region, said last week that they have been receiving numerous death threats, allegedly linked to their coverage of corruption.

According to the Lima-based Institute for Press and Society (IPYS), the journalists said they have received threating cell phone messages telling them to stop “messing with” the administration of Pomabamba Mayor Ponte Carranza.

According toIPYS, an arrest warrant has been issued for Carranza following allegations of corruption in his administration.

The journalists said the police have not opened an investigation into their complaints yet.

Violence against journalists in Peru isn’t new. However, in recent years most of the victims have been local journalists, most often working outside of larger cities and who are reporting on regional and municipal corruption.

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