Vargas Llosa may support Humala, would “never” back Fujimori

Mario Vargas Llosa, Peru’s acclaimed novelist and the Nobel laureate for Literature last year, says he may support left-wing nationalist Ollanta Humala in the latter’s presidential run-off with lawmaker Keiko Fujimori.

In Chile to receive an honorary doctorate from the Universidad Privada Andres Bello, Vargas Llosa said he is waiting to see what alliances Humala can make with other political groups before the June 5 vote, Radioprogramas reported.

Humala and Fujimori have been courting other presidential candidates and their political groups that failed to make it into the second round.

The Peru Posible party of ex-President Alejandro Toledo has said it also may support Humala, and would in no case back Fujimori.

Vargas Llosa also said he would “never” back Keiko, whose father, former President Alberto Fujimori, is currently serving a 25-year sentence for human rights violations and corruption.  Both men were the second round presidential candidates in 1990, when Fujimori promised voters he would never apply the economic policies that Vargas Llosa said were essential to save the country from the chaos left by President Garcia in his first term. Fujimori won the election and within a week announced to the nation the ‘Fuji-shock’ that, in effect, applied the same policies Vargas Llosa had promised.

Vargas Llosa was a staunch critic of Alberto Fujimori’s autocratic government. In 1992, he was strongly critical of President Fujimori’s decision to dispatch the military to close Congress and the judiciary to give himself free reign. Vargas Llosa’s continuing criticism from the pages of El Pais in Madrid led one of the leading military officers at the time to say that Vargas Llosa’s Peruvian citizenship was a mere geographical accident and that he should be stripped of his nationality. The threat was never fulfilled but it led Vargas Llosa to seek Spanish citizenship, which he was granted in 1993. Under laws of both Peru and Spain, he can hold both nationalities.

While Humala has lauded the possible endorsement from Vargas Llosa, the author has previously said a Humala government would also be disaster for Peru. Last year, Vargas Llosa compared a then-hypothetical run off between Humala and Fujimori as a choice between “AIDS and terminal cancer.”

More recently, Vargas Llosa said Peru now faces a choice between “suicide or a miracle.

“The extremes, Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori, who put the system in danger, have passed practically untouched,” he said. “So the thing is, Peru has two options: suicide or a miracle.”

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  1. Henry Candia Angles says:

    the only way to succeed is to keep with an opennes to foreign capitals, by doing this we are going to re-gain or increase the savings that are essencial for an economic growth and endorsing our vote toward Humala we are going to loose the possibility to have a better lifestyle.

  2. Anibal Rendon says:

    Mario V. LL. is a brillant writer, but as a Politician he is a LOOSER. He never got over his defeat against FUJIMIRI in the 1990 elections. This defeat has produced him a trauma . Few day before de 2011 Elecctions Day he endorsed his vote to Alejandro Toledo who was badly beaten for 3 of the fuor mayor contennders. To me it’s quite clear that MARIO as a Political Bettor is a LOOSER. Now he sees Mr. HUMALA the rabid HUGO CHAVEZ admirer, as a good options for the Peruvians not taking in account that this sinester personaje started a failed coup againt FUGIMORI in late 90′ . in 2006 he run for elections as CHAVISTA and lost. Now he runs as a LULA follower, and talks like a neoliberal. To mucch questions marks hold. The lack of credibility is his mayor hurdle. And no one can assure that if he wins he may relapse to his genuine intentions as a rebid POPULIST .

  3. yo como peruano que soy digo lo siguiente el voto de vargas llosa no interesa porque ese senor nunca iso alga bueno por los pobres , siempre lo que iso lo iso para los que tienen y los que siguen teniendo asi que yo no se que es lo que el pretende porque asta donde yo se el es espanol y cuando el gana un premio no lo gana para el peru sino para el espana,nunca acmite ganar un premio y darles a los que nesecitan por eso yo creo que su furia contra los fujimores es porque el no podo ganar las elciones y porque los que tienen plata no les gusta pagar lo impuestos del pais y eso es la molestia de ellos comprendan que lo que estan hablando mal de keiko es porque quieren seguir llenando sus bolsillos yel pais nesecita que no se lo llenen

    • no se si eata bien de lo que e puesto pero creo que auque sea lo puedo espresar con las palabras que me salen de este peruano de mucho corazon y de buen pensamiento y axciones para mi gente del peru no agamos que el pais sufra de lo que ya pasamos como de estar asiendo colas para un poco de arros de azucar de pan de muchas cosas huvo una persona que nos saco de esa cadena asi que pensemas que queremos segir en lo que esa persona iso por el pueblo que siempre tiene hambre y que espera lo mejor en este gobierno, el nacionalismo no lleva a nada ,la democracia es el mejor camino para que podamos vivir con libertad.

  4. Ollanta Humala has communist plans for Peru. A dangerous candidate for the future of the country.

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