Bus runs off road in Arequipa, 7 dead and 30 injured

An inter-provincial bus speeding along a highway in the southern Andean region of Arequipa ran off the road and violently flipped over, leaving 7 dead and 30 other people injured, reported daily La República on Tuesday.

The accident occurred late on Monday, leading police to believe that the driver may have inadvertently fell asleep while he was driving. The bus was registered to the “Pacifico del Sur” company.

Meanwhile in Chancay – a district of the Huaral province located north of Lima – a truck violently crashed into a bus, killing the bus driver and his copilot upon impact, and injuring 14 other people.

And, in the southeastern Andean region of Puno, a small bus filled with school children flipped over on an ill-maintained highway.

According to daily El Comerico, approximately 20 children were injured.

The vehicle’s driver, who does not have a registered driver’s license, fled the scene before police and rescue units arrived.

In Peru – where the high number of severe car and bus accidents is notorious – many of the vehicles are old, drivers reckless, and the roads often in a bad state. In the past several years, an average of 3,500 people died and 40,000 others were injured every year as a result of car or bus accidents.

At least 50 people are injured or killed by speeding cars and reckless drivers every day in Peru’s capital.

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