Journalist, Russian spy plans return to Peru

Vicky Peláez, the Peruvian journalist who had been working in the United States where she spied for Russia, is set to return to Peru in about a week, daily Peru.21 reported. Peláez is currently working on obtaining documents to leave Moscow, her lawyer Carlos Moreno said.

“From what I understand, in a week, in a few days more, she could be in Peru and finally speak, [provide] an explanation from her own point of view,” Moreno said.

Vicky Peláez was arrested in June along with her husband, Juan Lázaro, at their home in the city of Yonkers, a New York suburb.

Her husband was originally thought to be a Uruguayan national, however it was later revealed that he had forged his identification. Lázaro’s – a Russian national – original name is Mikhail Vasenkov.

Peláez, 55, had previously worked as a reporter for Peruvian television station Frecuencia Latina during the 1980s. She was working as a senior columnist for the New York-based paper El Diario/La Prensa when the FBI made the sweeping arrests, which culminated from a multi-year federal investigation.  U.S. authorities said Peláez and her husband were members of a network that was responsible for collecting information for Russia.

The defendants pleaded guilty to conspiring to act as an unregistered agent of a foreign country.

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