Peru Wraps Up Coca-Leaf Eradication for 2012

Corah, Peru’s police agency responsible for the control and eradication of illegal coca crops, wrapped up its eradication program this week, Inforegion reported.

The agency has finished the year eradicating 14,171 hectares of illegally-grown coca, used to produce cocaine. The government’s goal was to remove 14,000 hectares in total this year.

The highest monthly total of eradication was in June, when Corah destroyed 1,700 hectares.

Peru’s anti-drug police, Dirandro, accompanied Corah on its assignments. At the same time, this year Dirandro destroyed 142 coca paste and cocaine labs .

Top government officials have said they plan to expand eradication in 2013.

Peru is one of the top global cocaine producers, along with Colombia and Bolivia.

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