Ex-New York mayor Giuliani provides advice to Fujimori

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani arrived in Peru on Sunday to support the presidential campaign of right-wing Congresswoman Keiko Fujimori by providing advice on public safety and crime.

During an interview with Radioprogramas, Guiliani said the only way to combat crime is with an “honest and responsible” police force.

“There is the impression that if you are poor you are going to have to pay for whatever offense or crime that you’ve committed,” Guiliani said. “However, if you are rich, you can buy your freedom. In order to fight this you have to eradicate this impression and you have to work with a police corps that is honest, responsible.”

Two advisors to Giuliani have been in Peru for the past two months analyzing the country’s situation so that the New Yorker could make recommendations to Fujimori.

“There isn’t one method that can serve all cities,” Giuliani said. “I have given recommendations for cities in the United States, in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and the Ukraine.”

Giuliani was mayor of New York from 1994 to 2001. He was unsuccessful in his bid for the Republican party’s presidential nomination in 2008, but may run again for the nomination for the 2012 election.

Fujimori will face left-wing opponent Ollanta Humala in the second round vote on June 5. The winner will assume office on July 28.

During her campaign, Fujimori and her Fuerza 2011 party have tried to portray themselves as the best option to combat crime, by using strong tactics. She has said, for example, that she would introduce the death penalty for child rapists.

Opinion polls regularly show that crime is one of the main concerns for residents in Lima and other major cities, particularly Trujillo on the north coast. Surveys also show that there is little public trust in many institutions largely due to the perception of widespread corruption.

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  1. Keiko would be well advised to listen to the advice of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.
    He did an incredible, nearly unbelievable, job of turning around New York City
    in a very positive way.

    This is another demonstration of the seriousness of Keiko as a candidate for
    president of Peru. She will be a president who reaches out to mainstream
    successes in the world to apply them where applicable to Peru. This is a very
    positive aspect of Keiko’s governing style and reveals the advantage of her
    educational background and sophistication. I think she may turnout to be Peru’s
    best president ever.

  2. Scott Ireland says:

    Hasn’t she already said she that she would pardon her father? How does that relate to being a crime fighting President?

  3. He is a right wing nut republican,……..advice from him please !!
    advice to Keiko ? and how much Keiko paid him , I know that he is very expensive !

  4. Dear
    You must be carefull as the people are Humala have been finance by Chavez and Fidel Castro true Brazil. Some one must wasch the short wave at 7mgz., due many transactions and about to paid for votes at the elections end. Your people musst not get Humala or they will go true as Venezuela, Ecuador and others in Castro team. Your people must make sure you win and stablished a Democrat Goverment in your country. Grazie and the Lord Bless Peru and you too.

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