JNE: Election decision could be known in 8 days

The president of Peru’s National Election Board (JNE), Hugo Sivina, estimated Friday that officials will finish counting votes for the mayor of Lima in eight days, Radioprogramas reported.

The election for Lima mayor was held on October 3, along with elections for the rest of Peru’s regional and municipal positions.

The announcement of a winner for Lima’s mayor between Susana Villarán, of the Social Force Party, and her conservative opponent Lourdes Flores, of the Popular Christian Party, has still not been made due to irregularities in an unusually high number of ballot tally sheets. Half of the 8,384 cases were officially attributed to tally sheets lacking the mandatory signatures and fingerprints of citizen poll workers.

Election officials have been reviewing the ballots, and according to the last figures Villarán has 38.55% of the votes compared to 37.51% for Flores with 75.57 percent of the votes counted.

“I calculate that with the intensity that we are working, including double shifts, in a minimum of eight days we will have results,” Sivina said. He called on residents to remain patient.

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