Peru Life Expectancy Increases – WHO

Life expectancy for men and women in Peru has increased significantly over the past two decades, according to the latest figures from the World Health Organization.

According to WHO, the life expectancy for both women and men in Peru was 79 years in 2012, compared to 69 years for men and 73 years for women in 1990, daily El Comercio reported.

The global life expectancy has increased to 68 years for men and 73 years for women, which is an average increase of six years since 1990.

The increased life expectancy is just one of several indicators that show that living conditions of Peruvians has improved dramatically during the past 20 years, as Peru has transitioned from a state mired in political violence and economic turbulence to one of political and economic stability.

During the past decade, for example, Peru’s poverty rate has declined from over 50 percent to about 23 percent last year, the government statistics agency said recently.

Most of the decline in poverty has been due to robust economic growth, although officials say social programs for low income residents have also helped.

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