Police Capture Youth Accused of Killing Regional VP

Peruvian police say they have captured a 15-year-old that allegedly killed a high-ranking regional government official in the northeast region of Amazonas, daily El Comerio reported.

Police say the youth was detained in the district of Bagua Grande, in Utcubamba province. According to police, the youth confessed to killing Augusto Wong, the vice president of Amazonas, on February 9.

Police declined to provide further information, according to the daily.

Wong, 59, was gunned down at his private health clinic in the town of Bagua last Saturday. The 15-year-old was reportedly recorded by a hidden camera as he entered the clinic and allegedly killed Wong.   Authorities believe the youth was a hired assassin, saying that he acted professionally.

Police were investigating the motives behind the killing. They said Wong had received threats from a gang that was looking to extort him, while he had also had a fight with members from his political party.

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