Fujimori Lawyer: Family Not Behind Recent Pardon Request

The family of imprisoned ex-President Alberto Fujimori was not involved in a recent request to grant Fujimori a humanitarian pardon, according to Cesar Nakazaki, the president’s lawyer.

Newspaper El Comercio reported this week that Cesareo Vargas, a questionable former advisor to election authority ONPE during Fujimori’s corruption-riddled run for office in 2000, made the citizen request.

Fujimori is serving a 25-year-sentence for human rights and corruption charges dating back to his 1990 to 2000 term.

Nakazaki said the pardon request from Vargas was the third “unauthorized” citizen request that has been filed with the government.

“They are done without consultation. They aren’t authorized by the Fujimori family, so as a result we are presenting today (Friday) a letter to the President of the Republic and Minister of Justice in which, for the third time, we are rejecting this request and we indicate that the only ones who are going to present any pardon request will be members of the Fujimori family,” Nakazaki said.

Fujimori’s family, which includes his daughter and ex-Presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, and son Kenyi, elected to Congress this year, may request a humanitarian pardon based on Fujimori’s deteriorating health.

Fujimori is suffering from depression and is being treated for a cancerous growth on his tongue. Keiko Fujimori said recently that the time was coming to seek a humanitarian pardon for her father.

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