Peru swine flu death toll rises to seven, 144 new cases detected

Peru Health Minister Oscar Ugarte reported Thursday that the AH1N1 flu virus claimed its sixth and seventh fatalities, a 21-year old pregnant woman and a 36-year old man.

According to Ugarte, the man, who suffered from non-controlled arterial hypertension, and the woman, in her eighth month of pregnancy, were both at-risk patients who died from the AH1N1 virus in Peru’s capital, Lima.

In addition to the deaths, 144 new cases were detected, including 89 in Lima, 33 in La Libertad, 3 in Junín, 2 in Ancash, 9 in Cuzco and 7 in Arequipa.

Last week, Education Minister Antonio Chang announced that Peru’s public school children will start their mid-year vacations two weeks early in an attempt to stem the spread of AH1N1 flu virus.

As of July 6, 2009, the virus, declared a global pandemic last month by the World Health Organization, or WHO, had infected 94,512 and caused 429 deaths worldwide.

In Peru, 2,226 cases have so far been confirmed, and 1,621 patients released from the hospital after receiving treatment.

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