Peruvian luxury hotels lower rates by up to 50 percent

As a result of the global financial crisis and in an attempt to stimulate demand throughout months that are usually considered Peru’s “peak tourist season,” the price of numerous luxury hotel rooms and flights has been sharply reduced in the Andean country.

“This is an indication that the crisis is affecting tourists here and abroad,” said José Koechlin, President of Peru’s Hotel Society, or SHP. “Fewer foreigners and fewer Peruvians can now afford to stay in 5-star hotels.”

Peru’s high tourist season is from June to August, which coincides with the dry season in the highlands and Amazonean jungle, as well as the summer holidays in North America and Europe.

Though prices usually rise – or even double – during these months, 5-star and other luxury hotels across Peru are now offering discounts ranging from 30 to 50 percent.

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