Police to start giving out fines to quiet the blare of motorist horns

In an effort to contain noise pollution in Peru’s capital, Lima, police officers will start fining car and bus drivers who over-honk and unnecessarily beep-beep every couple of blocks to grab passengers’ attention, daily El Comercio reported.

As of May 1, 2009, the unwarranted use of car horns will be fined, said Police Colonel Héctor Dulanto, Chief of Lima’s Traffic Division. The new regulation will be accompanied by education campaigns throughout the city.

“Honking like a police siren or an ambulance will be considered a serious offense,” said Dulanto. “The individual will be fined 142 soles, or $47, and his car seized.”

Taxi and bus drivers who honk to grab passengers’ attention or speed up traffic – offenses considered less serious – will be fined 71 soles, or $23.

So far, only the posh district of Miraflores has outlawed abusive honking, and begun fining offenders last March.

According to a San Martin de Porres University study, the level of noise pollution in Lima has quadrupled in the past 30 years – increasing stress, lack of concentration and sleep disorders.

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