Strike at State water agency not expected to affect Lima’s supply

Potable water services in Peru’s capital Lima and the port city of Callao will not be affected a workers strike at state water utility company Sedapal, the agency’s vice president, Víctor López, told state news agency Andina reported.

“The potable water service and sewage systems are guaranteed thanks to an emergency [team] that will work 24 hours,” said López. “Despite the workers going on strike, the company has taken precautions so the [water] service is not restricted.”

López said Sedapal has been inspecting some of the principal valves in order to ensure that they have not been sabotaged ahead of the strike. He said that striking workers had tried to damage two main valves, one located in the neighborhood of Monterrico and the other that provides services to the San Juan de Lurigancho district.

“Fortunately they quickly detected this problem and the systems began operating again,” he added.

Sedapal workers are seeking a salary increase of 150 soles ($52.80), according to RPP radio station. Union leaders have rejected Sedapal’s offer to increase salaries by 135 soles.

Water supplies in Lima, the world’s second largest desert city after Cairo, Egypt, are scarce and fragile as the city’s growing population is increasing demands on its aquifer and run off from rivers.

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