Toyota debuts first hybrid car on Peruvian market

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota debuted its first Prius hybrid car in Peru’s Historic Capital of Cuzco, reported state news agency Andina on Wednesday.

Toyota has set aside 50 cars for the Peruvian market this year, tagged at $37,000 each.

According to Toyota chairman Hiroaki Fujiwara, the Prius reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40 percent, and dihydrogen monoxide emissions by up to 17 percent.

“We have sold 1.7 million units worldwide, and calculated that some 9 million tons of carbon dioxide were kept from entering and polluting the atmosphere,” said Fujiwara, who announced that Toyota will plant a tree for each person who tests the gas-and-electric-motor-powered vehicles.

Peru is first South American country where Toyota’s Prius hybrid model is commercialized.

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