Villaume’s photo exhibit “Voices of the Andes” opens in Lima

French freelance photographer Nicolas Villaume’s photo exhibition “Voices of the Andes” is an invitation to meet the inhabitants of the Andean highlands of Bolivia, Colombia and Peru.

On display in Miraflores’ Luis Miró Quesada gallery throughout the month of June, the exhibit portrays through photographs and sound the richness of these Andean communities’ lives and oral traditions, as men, women and children share their stories – individual or collective, real or imaginary.

“Seeing young men and women begin to converse with their elders and the wise and feel proud of their culture has been the greatest joy this job has brought me,” said Villaume in comments to daily Peru21.

“This photo exhibit is part of a larger project called ‘World Conversations’,” added Villaume. “It’s about keeping rich oral traditions alive.”

As a freelance photographer who has travelled to China, Russia, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Laos and across the Andes, Villaume specializes in social and portrait photography. He works with various international cultural organizations such as UNESCO, and with documentary media, such as Magazine Grands Reportages. He incorporates his strong commitment and his sensibility on human relationships by using the powerful combination of image and sound.

Villaume’s deep concern for cultural diversity, its richness but also its fragility, has led the photographer to create and develop the “World Conversations” Association, and co-found the NGO “Living Cultural Storybases.” His aim is to preserve and disseminate the world’s oral traditions, especially in today’s digital world.   A selection of photographs and music of the exhibition are posted on a blog.

Where: Galería Luis Miró-Quesada, corner Av. Larco and Calle Diez Canseco, Miraflores. Open Tues-Sun 11am-10pm.

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