Energy investment to increase electric generation

The National Society for Mining, Petroleum and Energy, Snmpe, announced a plan today to develop four projects that will increase electric generation by 770 megawatts. The president of Snmpe’s electric committee, Ignacio Blanco, told Agencia Andina the projects will require an investment of between $400 and $500 million and has a planned completion date for the end of this year or the beginning of 2009.

The four projects will include a hydroelectric power station in El Platanal that will generate 220 Mw, a turbine at the Chilca I thermoelectric power station that will generate 193.5 Mw, a turbine that will generate 192 Mw at the Kallpa power station and another turbine to be installed by the Edegel Company that will produce 164.5 Mw.

According to Blanco, the Chilca I, Kallpa, and Edegel projects will be powered by natural gas from the Camisea gas field, located in Peru’s south-eastern Amazon basin and thought to hold some of the largest undeveloped gas reserves in South America.

Peru’s hydroelectric and thermoelectric power stations currently produce almost 7,000 Mw. The projects will help meet the country’s growing electricity demand, which reportedly increases by about 10 percent a year.

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