Cancer prevention campaign launched nationwide

Peru’s National League for the Prevention of Cancer has launched its nationwide 2009 fund-raising campaign, which aims to collect funds for awareness and prevention activities and a modern clinic designed to attend to 60,000 cancer patients annually.

Across the Andean country, a small “army” of 10,000 volunteers is currently collecting passersby’s loose change – on buses, city street corners and shopping malls.

“Our objective is to raise 3 million soles, or $1 million,” said the League’s President, Alfredo Dammert Ludowieg. “Nearly 9 million Peruvians are currently employed. If every single one donates 33 cents, then we will meet our objective.”

“Our best weapon against cancer is prevention,” added Dammert, “because 85 percent of patients usually seek treatment when the cancer is already at an advanced stage.”

The League’s new oncology clinic was inaugurated by Peru President Alan García on Wednesday. Located in the district of Pueblo Libre, the clinic will have a staff of 26 oncologists and will attend to 60,000 patients annually.

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