Let’s dance to health: Peru Health Minister takes part in choreographed dance routine to boast health benefits of art

Peru Health Minister Oscar Ugarte and his Vice-Minister Melitón Arce took part in a choreographed dance routine during the opening ceremony of Peru’s First International Art and Health Forum on Monday, in an attempt to persuade Peruvians to embrace the health benefits of writing, music, and art.

“Art is a bridge to health, self-improvement, cohesion, and inclusion,” said Mirta Roses, Director of the Pan-American Health Organization, or PAHO.

Organized under the theme “Art, a bridge to health and development,” Peru’s First International Art and Health Forum will run from August 17-20.

As part of the forum’s scheduled activities, Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams – who was the inspiration for the 1998 movie starring Robin Williams and is the founder of the Gesundheit! Institute – will be giving a conference about “laughter therapy” and his work in Iquitos’ impoverished district of Belén at Lima’s Asociación Cultural Peruano Japonés on Wednesday.

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