Pacific Alliance Third Biggest Source of Investment in Peru – Trade Group

Countries in the Pacific Alliance are the third largest source of foreign investment in Peru, after the European Union and North America, according to Lima’s Chamber of Commerce.

The Pacific Alliance was formed in 2012 as an alternative to other Latin American trade groups and as a platform to increasing ties with fast-growing Asian countries. The alliance includes market friendly countries such as Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Combined Chilean, Colombian and Mexican investments in Peru total about $2.96 billion per year, representing about 13 percent of the investments in Peru in 2012.

Chilean investments in Peru totaled $1.39 billion, or about 47 percent of the Pacific Alliance investments in Peru. Several Chilean firms are operating in Peru in the finance, mining and retail sectors.

Colombian investments in Peru totaled $1.09 billion, and are focused mainly on the industrial sector, and energy and petroleum.

Mexican investments totaled $477 million, with focus on communications sector, mining and finance, according to a report in state news agency Andina.

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