Report: Peru Studying U.S. Request to Take Guantanamo Prisoners

President Ollanta Humala’s government is studying a request from the United States for Peru to receive inmates from its Guantanamo prison in Cuba, according to daily El Comercio.

The newspaper, which cited unnamed sources from Peru’s Foreign Relations Ministry, said the request was made to the Peruvian Executive, which has yet to determine when it will respond to the United States.

The report said that other countries in Latin America, including Chile and Uruguay, have received similar requests.

Uruguayan President Jose Mujica has agreed that his country would receive some of the detainees from Guantanamo.

The report said that Chile, like Peru, is still evaluating the request.

The U.S. government has been seeking solutions to close down the Guantanamo Bay prison, which has indefinitely held individuals suspected of collaborating with terrorist organizations. Most of the prisoners have never been charged.

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  1. Sure….just what we NEED, like Peru doesn’t have enough HOME-GROWN TERRORISTS, many of whom are in Prison for life….for massacring THOUSANDS of Peruvians.

    Just like our own Terrorists, these Muslim ‘gentlemen’ have murdered thousands, AND WOULD LIKE TO MURDER EACH AND EVERY CHRISTIAN and Non-Muslim, just as is now being done in Iraq and Syria. THEY ARE STILL IN GUANTANAMO TODAY, BECAUSE THEY REFUSE TO RENOUNCE TERRORISM, THE WORST OF THE WORST.

    It is not even necessary to Research this…just do something that most Peruvians SELDOM DO….WATCH THE INTERNATIONAL NEWS. LOOK at the Beheadings, Crucifixions, Rape and Massacre of Christians and others in Iraq and Syria by ISIS, and you WILL KNOW WHAT THESE ‘PRISONERS’ at GUANTANAMO HAVE IN MIND FOR PERUVIANS.

    Say NO TO THE U.S. for the sake of all of us here in Peru. Obama is a Coward, trying to get rid of these people before the Elections, so that HIS party can say: “see, we closed Guantanamo”….by Shipping THEIR Problems to OTHER COUNTRIES. NO THANKS, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

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