The South American Explorers is on the move in Lima

In 1977, Peruvian Times’ publisher Donald Griffis staked a thousand dollars to American journalist Don Montague to rent an apartment in the then-posh Breña district of Lima. The South American Explorers Club was born. For the last 14 years, SAE has called the house on Calle Piura in Miraflores its Lima Clubhouse home, but a move is now taking place. Consider giving to SAE to help usher in this next phase of club history:




Over the past 35 years the South American Explorers has come to be many things to its many loyal members and friends: a respite for alienated expatriates and bewildered backpackers, an invaluable meeting ground and resource for explorers, archaeologists, historians, guidebook writers and researchers of all stripes.  For many others a trusted friend in the pursuit of long-held plans and dreams — of travel, exploration and self-discovery.

Even in this digital age of mass online information, the non-profit SAE network continues to be the prime source for the most reliable travel information available,  and its clubhouses in Lima, Quito and Cusco provide what no on-line source can ever match: somewhere to trade stories, meet other travelers, listen to the experts.

And now there is a new stage: the Lima clubhouse is moving to new premises, still in Miraflores, to provide more and better services.

Would you help us make this possible?  Join us in this exciting new stage.

Donate to the future of the next 35 years!

Your donation will help towards purchasing and setting up our new premises, expanding our information services, and helping volunteers and interns continue developing the new series of InfoPacks, maps and travel database.

No donation is too small.

Every contribution makes a difference.

IN PERU, you can make a donation to either of the following bank accounts:


Club Sudamericano de Exploradores

 In Dollars: Scotiabank Acct No. 068-7362540

(Interbanking code 009 054 210687362540 87)

 In Soles: Scotiabank Acct. No.  068-7362533

(Interbanking code 09 054 200687362533 84)

OR DONATE via PayPal or Credit Card at  and join the venerable Order of the Cuy


Please send your donation details to our Lima club manager, Michael Goldsworthy, at [email protected] or to our administrator, Felicita Nuñez, at [email protected]

And join us to celebrate our new clubhouse! 

Thank you!

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