Indigenous organization supports Congress’ approval of prior consultation law

Legislation that will provide prior consultations to indigenous communities before starting large projects will help to decrease social conflicts in Peru, the head of the Confederation of Amazonian Nationalities (Conap), Oseas Barbarán, told state news agency Andina.

“We think it will help to prevent and decrease internal conflicts,” said Barbarán. “Now when the government or other actors do large projects they will consider the rights of the people and this consultation will help avoid problems.”

Congress approved the legislation on Wednesday with 62 votes in favor, 7 against and 6 absentees.

The president of Peru’s Congress, Luis Alva Castro, said the law will provide justice to indigenous communities by defending their collective rights, cultural identity and quality of life.

Meanwhile, Peru’s public ombudsman, Beatriz Merino, said the legislation is an important step for recognizing indigenous rights.

“It is a norm that represents a transcendental step in the recognition of indigenous peoples rights and to institutionalize multicultural dialogue between them and State authorities,” said Merino.

She added that the legislation will allow Peru to comply with article 6 of the International Labor Organization’s Convention 169, which requires the State to consult indigenous people prior to adopting administrative and legislative measures, as well as projects and development plans, that could affect their communities.

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  1. Raimundo Hanson Brown says:

    Prior consultation to indigenous communites before starting large projects is a step in the right direction. But what about the profits from the mines and oil wells? The indigenous people of Peru are locked in poverty due to the historic looting of the natural resources of their land by invaders from other countries. It is still happening. The indigenous are the descendants of Tahuantinsuyo and all the proud cultures that preceded the Incas. Tahuantinsuyo was the largest country in the world and one of the most advanced countries before the illiterate pig farmer, Pizarro, and his band of killers invaded and looted the country of its mineral wealth. The descendants of the invaders are still in control and they are still looting the natural resources. The indigenous constitute 45% of the population. They are the majority. They are the ones who should be in charge of the country and in control of its natural resources.

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