Perutrova: first online Peruvian music channel launched

A month and a half after it was launched, more than 70,000 people have visited Perutrova, the first online Peruvian music channel, daily Peru.21 reported.

Perutrova, sponsored by Mogulus, airs anything from jazz to rock, to Afro-Peruvian beats.

Known locally as “música criolla,” Afro-Peruvian music combines Spanish rhythms such as Flamenco, Gypsy panache, and Andean influence and African beats based on chorus and percussion.

The website also features a chat room, where visitors can request specific songs or videos, and chat with Peruvian or international artists.

“I started out alone, but now I have a collaborator,” Piero Montaldo told Peru.21, the project’s creator. “Last Friday I interviewed a movie director and a Cuban guitarist in my home, and with my public. That was great.”

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