Peruvians shell out more for Internet connections

Peruvians are paying at least 40 percent more for Internet service than their neighbors in Chile, Colombia, and Argentina, according to a report. The “Cisco Barometer of Broadband in Chile, 2005-2010” report says Internet connections between 256 kilobytes and one megabyte cost US$67.52 in Peru, US$39.95 in Chile, US$34.09 in Colombia, and US$16.57 in Argentina.

Compared with international prices, Peru also ranks among the highest for Internet services. A report released in July 2007 by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) says 10 of its 30 member countries pay less than US$20 per month for a 256 kilobyte connection. Sweden pays the least, at US$10.79, and Mexico pays the most, at US$52.36. The United States pays US$15.93.

There is little competition among Internet providers in Peru. Telefónica del Perú – a subsidiary of the Spanish telecommunications giant of the same name – provides 90.9 percent of Internet service according to daily newspaper Correo. The next four biggest companies provide less than seven percent combined.

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