Toxic Pesticides Still Allowed in New Agriculture Regulations

The Ministry of Agriculture recently approved regulations that authorize the continued use of two types of chemical pesticides that the World Health Organization, WHO, has classified as “toxic” and “very toxic.”

According to Servindi, the Intercultural Communications Service, the types of pesticides authorized come under the WHO categories of 1a and 1b, both of which are labeled as dangerous.

However, as Servindi points out, the Regulations do not grant any export duty exemptions to these pesticides and prohibits their importation and distribution for use within programs promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture itself.

But there is no ban on them being used by private companies and institutions.

The authorization comes in the regulations governing the National System of Pesticides, DS N° 001-2015-MINAGRI. The DAR, an institution for law, environment and natural resources, points out that the law contradicts the purpose of national pesticide regulations, which are stated to “prevent and protect human health and the environment.”

An added danger of these toxic substances is the poor information and training given on their use, and incidents of food poisoning —sometimes leading to death— are frequent in rural areas where pesticides are often stored in the same area as foodstuffs.

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  1. Why is this allowed, and Who allowed it to happen? It’s just plain stupid!

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