Archaeologists uncover ruins over 4,000 years old in Jaen

Archaeologists in Peru have reportedly uncovered ruins of ceremonial centers dating back to more than 4,000 years, according to newspaper El Comercio.

Researchers and local residents in Peru’s Jaen province, located in Cajamarca region, found two temples that are believed to belong to the Bracamoros culture, whose inhabitants used the sites for some 800 years, the report said.

The archaeologists also reportedly found 14 funeral sites which included skeletons of newborns and adolescents.

The site is reportedly the first of its kind in Peru’s high jungle where the Andes meet the Amazon rain forest.

“We would be looking at one of the first civilizations in Peru,” said archaeologist Quirino Olivera. “Not even in the Andes or the coast have they found temples so old and with these characteristics.”

The Bracamoros culture spread from the Zamora Chinchipe province currently in Ecuador to Peru’s Cajamarca and Amazonas regions.

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  1. Another reason to go there and see for4 yourself.

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