Former Premier and APRA stalwart considers run for Peru’s presidency

Congressman Jorge del Castillo said Tuesday he is considering a run for presidency of Peru in 2011 under the APRA ticket. Del Castillo, 59, a prominent member of President Alan García’s ruling Aprista-party, told Radio Programs Peru he is currently analyzing the electoral environment to decide whether he will run for the presidency.

“Right now we are evaluating with members of the party and analyzing the electoral environment to see if I could be selected as the party’s candidate for presidency,” said Del Castillo. “I have participated in a number of elections and I’ve been fortunate enough to win. Each time that I’ve been nominated, I’ve won. When I get involved in something, I get involved to win, not to lose.”

Del Castillo has held many prominent positions in Peruvian politics and has been a stalwart of APRA for more than two decades. In 1987 he was elected mayor of Peru’s capital, Lima, and in 1995 he was first elected to Congress. In 1999 he was chosen by APRA to be their secretary general and in 2001 he became the Second Vice President of Congress.

In 2006, Del Castillo was appointed to the top ministerial post by President García. Two years later, however, he was forced to resign as cabinet chief when the administration was rocked by an oil concession kickback scandal known as “petrogate.”

The field of potential candidates for Peru’s presidency is led by Luis Castañeda – currently the mayor of Lima. According to a survey by the Lima-based polling firm Ipsos & Apoyo, 23 percent of respondents are expected to vote for Castañeda. Eighteen percent said they would vote for Keiko Fujimori – the daughter of jailed former President Alberto Fujimori – and 15 percent said they would vote for the leader of Peru’s Nationalist Party, Ollanta Humala. The poll was based on a January 13-15 survey of 500 Peruvians, and has a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points.

Castañeda’s support is based in Lima where 30 percent of respondents are expected to vote for him in the presidential elections. According to the poll, however, both Fujimori and Humala have more support than Castañeda outside of Lima. Twenty-one percent of people outside of Peru’s capital said they would vote for Humala, followed by Fujimori at 18 percent and Castañeda at 17 percent..

Peru’s presidential election is scheduled for April 2011. Under the current Constitution, Peru’s presidential term is five years and incumbents cannot seek immediate re-election.

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  1. Edward James Ugarte Chiabra says:

    Let’s ask the real question to real Peruvians.the people in Comas,Pueblo Libre,La Victoria,Ate,SanJuan De Lurigancho,etc., and all the Provincianos.
    Yes let’s ask them. you Peruvians in Iquitos,Tarapoto,Picota,Ayacucho,Ollaytantambo,
    Puerto Maldonado,Ayacucho,Chiclayo,Arequipa,Junin,Puno,etc.and the list goes on.
    Do you want the “Status Quo”…..Business as usual, the same old oratory and forgoten promises as soon as we are elected. the same minimum wages or even lower standard of living. Do you my fellow Peruvians in the Andes,Jungle,North and Sothern
    Peru,do common people in Lima who have to continue to strugle with minimum and meager wages. Do YOU WORLD Goverments want to continue investing on the few whow
    would benefit from your investments and let the poor continue poor.
    Yeah, like Haiti. Jean Bertrand Aristide. you had your chance, What Happened???
    Do “Papa Duvalier” still exercise power in Haiti?? Does Haiti wants to hold the poorest country in the western hemisphere status,for generations??for ever……..
    Rethorical Question indeed.
    Who in their complete mind would love to remain poor, and getting poorer each year elect any of the leading front runners.But it always has been that way!!!
    Oh yes,but the most needy never gets going. like a trap.What do we need here?
    Do any of you see the big picture? or, let just keep pretending,and continue to be ignorant. it is easier, is it not? no effort,just let the chips fall where they always fall. out of the hands of the masses. Hear that Haitians. you will continue to hold the most imfamous title of all times.”The poorest country in the western Hemisphere” I wonder how that feels? well ask any real Peruvian, but you wont find
    them in La Molina,Monterrico,La Aurora,Las Casuarinas,Miraflores,La Rinconada,or
    even plush San Isidro.
    Oh yea, they exist there but they really are invisible.they are in the streets trying to make a living. they dont live there,God forbide.
    So once again.if you ask real Peruvians who would they vote for,the polls have to
    include them. so the numbers would reflect the real political sentiment in Peru.
    To perpetuate the misery of all the country’s poor,is the greatest injustice mankind
    has perfected.
    Like my tatarabuelo,Don Alfonso Ugarte together with Don Francisco De Bolognesi,said
    at top of the “Morro De Arica”……….”nunca nos daremos por vencidos hasta quemar
    el ultimo cartucho,carajo” they fought against great odds,hand to hand,small arms,fixed bayonet’s if you will,eye to eye.but they never gave up…you may say
    they were real Peruvians fighting a great injustice. Just wish I could have been there. they were butchered,slaughter, no mercy.
    So once again, Peruvians are preparing to do What?? Vote?? Really..

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