Fourth Indigenous People’s Summit to take place in Peruvian highland city of Puno

More than 2,000 indigenous leaders are expected to attend the 4th Continental Summit of Nations and Pueblos of Indigenous Peoples Abya Yala, set to take place in Peru’s highland city of Puno.

The Summit, scheduled to run May 27-31 in Puno’s National Altiplano University, or UNA, will address issues such as the criminalization of protests, territorial rights, and alternative solutions to the global financial crisis.

Delegates – including men, women and young adults – from Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala and Mexico are expected to attend.

The larger Indigenous People’s Summit will comprise the 1st Indigenous Women’s Summit, and the 2nd Indigenous Youth Encounter.

“With proposals about the “right to territory and natural resources” and “living well in plurinational states,” the national and continental indigenous movement is moving from protest to proposal, with a vision of the future and not the past,” said Miguel Palacín, a member of the Summit’s organizing committee.

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