Peru to Confiscate Properties of Shining Path Leaders

Peru’s government has identified properties held by individuals convicted of terrorism, which authorities plan to confiscate, Cabinet Chief Juan Jimenez said, according to daily El Comercio.

The government has begun to seize the properties owned by convicted Shining Path rebels in order to pay the fines ordered by the court at the time of their sentencing but that the rebels have not yet paid.

The decision follows a similar move that began earlier this year, to impound the goods and properties of prisoners sentenced on corruption charges —namely politicians and government contractors— who had so far refused to pay their fines for civil damages.  

“We have found goods belonging to those who are serving sentences for terrorism, which have been in their name for many years,” Jimenez said during a meeting with lawmakers Wednesday. “It is unfortunate that nothing has been done before.”

Jimenez said he would not provide names or further details of the government’s plans, because it is a “strategic issue.”

He did say, however, that in the next few weeks, Peru’s anti-terrorism prosecutor, who is in charge of confiscating the goods, will announce “important hits.”

Peru has already started to confiscate some properties and other goods from Shining Path leaders. In August, authorities seized properties owned by Elena Iparraguirre, the wife of Shining Path founder and leader Abimael Guzman and also a member of the rebel group’s central committee.

Almost 70,000 people were killed during Peru’s internal conflict, which the Shining Path launched in 1980 in an attempt to overthrow the state.

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  1. Hmmmm… can individual Communists OWN PROPERTY?

    That would seem to be against ALL of the things that they were “fighting” for…..or is their philosophy that ‘Everyone ELSE must be poor, but not the leaders of Sendero Luminoso”? Hypocrites.

  2. good work, Stay after them till you have the last one, you have let them kill enough people of peru and other countrysa, take all they have

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