Three Police Officers Killed Attempting to Kidnap Businessman in Lima

Three policemen were killed over the weekend after they tried to kidnap a businessman in north Lima’s middle-income and industrial district of Puente Piedra.

The police officers were killed during a fire fight with other police officers sent to prevent the first group from kidnapping the owner of a mattress factory, daily Peru.21 reported. Another civilian working with the three police officers was also killed. Two other people were injured in the confrontation.  The officers killed include a lieutenant and two non-commissioned officers.

“The battle against crime will bring down whoever it brings down,” said Cesar Cortijo, the director of Dirincri. “Those people who are on the wrong side of the law are going to receive the treatment they deserve.”

“In this case, these bad criminals in the police force confronted their colleagues in arms and were shot in the circumstances,” he said.

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