Peru handicraft exports total $42 million in 2008

Peru handicraft exports totaled $42 million in 2008, and the value of these products has increased by 100 percent over the past four years, said Peru’s Foreign Affairs and Tourism minister, Mercedes Aráoz.

“Our handicrafts make Peru an authentic tourist destination and is a reflection of our cultures,” said Aráoz, during a ceremony held in the city of Ayacucho to celebrate National Craftsman’s Day.

“The craftsman reflects our true identity through the beauty of the color and textures of his products, from the highlands and the jungle,” added Aráoz.

Peruvian handicrafts are increasingly sought after by leading retail stores worldwide, particularly in furniture lines, decorative and handcrafted articles, gifts, and silver jewelry.

In April, two important handicraft and fashion events are to take place in Lima: the Peru Gift Show and Perumoda.

The Peru Gift Show is the main gift and decoration trade show in Peru and one of the most important shows in Latin America. It offers a vast selection of handcrafts and handmade home accessories in contemporary and more traditional designs, inspired by the artisans’ view of their diverse and traditional cultures.

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