Regional Government of Cajamarca donates 50 workstations to local university

As part of its education program, the Regional Government of Cajamarca has donated 50 state-of-the-art computers to the National University of Cajamarca, UNC, reported daily Panorama Cajamarquino on Friday.

The donation – valued at 122,000 soles, or $38,000 – will provide UNC engineering, geology and computer science students with a better-equipped computer lab.

“Our commitment to education will bear fruit in the future,” said Cajamarca Regional Government spokesperson, Germán Estela. “Better equipment means better students and, therefore, better professionals.”

The city of Cajamarca, in Peru’s northern highlands, lies approximately 2,700 meters, or 8,900 feet, above sea level. The city is home to two universities: UNC, a state-funded public university, and the Northern Private University.

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