Archeologists begin excavations at Moche site

Archaeologists have started excavations at the Huaca Rajada complex located at the Sipán site in northern Peru’s Lambayeque region.

Thousands of Peruvian school children line up to visit to visit the Museo Tumbas Reales Señor del Sipán. Source: El Comercio

“In a few weeks, the Sipan archaeological complex Huaca Rajada could provide the world new scientific discoveries related to the work we are doing in that area,”  lead archaeologist Walter Alva told daily El Comercio.

The director of the Huaca Rajada – Sipán Museum, Luis Chero told state news agency Andina that work is focused at a funeral site and two 30-meter pyramids that are part of the complex, which belonged to the pre-Inca Moche civilization which was located in northern Peru from approximately 100 C.E. to 800 C.E.

“We are looking for human traces,” said Rajada. “But we consider it fundamental to establish occupational sequence through the cultural monuments that have persisted despite the passing of time.”

“It is a job whose results will perhaps not be known this year, but after the second we will have an idea about the relationship [between the archaeological monuments and area],” he added.

Archaeologists will require an investment of approximately 450,000 soles ($158,000) for the investigation.

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