Attorney General Opens Investigation on Toledo over Property Purchases

Toledo Alejandro 2013Peru’s Attorney General’s office has opened an investigation into accusations of illicit enrichment by ex-president Alejandro Toledo in relation to the purchase of two properties that his Belgian mother-in-law has purchased in Lima.

Jose Pelaez, the attorney general, said that his office will start a preliminary investigation that will involve a court order to lift banking secrecy on Toledo’s accounts, state news agency Andina reported.  Politicians who oppose Toledo were also demanding that banking secrecy be lifted on accounts held by Toledo’s mother-in-law, Eva Fernenburg.

The court order will no longer be necessary, however, since Toledo gave authorization this week to open his accounts for investigation.

“This is a lynching by the media,” Toledo said, “answering to political interests, it reminds of the Montesinos era….”

Toledo has come under fire this week after it was revealed Sunday that his mother-in-law bought an office and a house in Lima for about $5 million. The purchase was made through two offshore companies, one located in Costa Rica that the mother-in-law reportedly set up last year, and another in Panama, which has connections to a Peruvian-Israeli executive with close ties to Toledo.

Toledo denied any wrongdoing, saying that the properties were purchased with some savings and a mortgage that was provided by Scotiabank in Costa Rica.

Toledo said that his mother-in-law, who is 86 years old, wanted to invest in Peru because that is where her daughter lives and “to be able to rent the properties.”

Toledo said the accusations against him are the work of his “political enemies” who are trying to discredit him before a possible run for office in 2016. Toledo was president of Peru from 2001 to 2006.

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