High level commission to promote anti-corruption pact

Peru’s High Level Commission for Anti-Corruption will promote a pact between government authorities, civil society organizations and political parties aimed at deterring corruption, the commissions head, Javier Villa told state news agency Andina.

“We have determined in the commission that we will encourage a pact to fight corruption,” said Villa, who is also the president of Peru’s judicial system. “An ethical pact between the government… civil society, and political parties.”

Peru’s government announced the creation of the anti-corruption commission last February. Its purpose is to design strategies and policies aimed at promoting ethics, transparency and anti-corruption in the country’s civil service and among private citizens.

Recently, high ranking officials from President Alan García’ Aprista party have been implicated in corruption.

Congressman Jorge del Castillo decided in early May to temporarily leave his position as party secretary general amid allegations implicating him in an oil concession kickback scandal that was revealed two years ago on the front pages of Peru’s tabloids.

At the time, Del Castillo was García’s Prime Minister and Cabinet Chief. He was forced to resign from that position in October 2008 during a cabinet shuffle.

Meanwhile, Omar Quesada, who is APRA’s Institutional Secretary General, has been implicated in a shady land deal in the government branch that he used to run, the Agency of Formalization of Informal Property (Cofopri).

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