International leaders praise Peru’s economic gains

Current and former leaders of international organizations praised the economic situation in Peru this week giving particular attention to the country’s trade deal with the European Union, according to local media reports.

The secretary general of the Washington D.C.-based Organization for American States, José Miguel Insulza, pointed to the importance of Peru’s free trade agreement with the EU in consolidating relations between Latin America and the Europe, state news agency Andina reported.

“The formation of these instruments reflects with clarity that the relation between both regions has strengthened and that both continents see it as a strategic alliance,” Insulza said.

Meanwhile, the former director general of the International Monetary Fund, Rodrigo de Rato, said during an industry conference in Lima on Thursday that Peru is a “magnificent example” of growth among emerging economies.

De Rato also pointed to Peru’s trade deal with the EU as a base for future economic growth in both regions, RPP radio station reported.

Free trade deals have been an important part of President Alan García’s administration. Peru already has accords with the United States, Canada, and China.

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