Auto speed limit for city streets: Callao sets new maximum at 37 miles per hour

After careful investigation on the subject of motor traffic and road safety, Peru’s Callao port and municipal authorities have set speed limits for main city streets at a maximum of 60 kilometers, or 37 miles, per hour.

Because urban and residential developments are on the rise, Callao has also set speed limits of 40 kilometers, or 25 miles, per hour on small streets, and 30 kilometers, or 19 mph around schools and hospitals.

Homes and apartment complexes have and continue to be constructed along Callao’s main avenues, said Jorge Villarreal, General Manager of Callao’s Transportation Office. “This has obliged us to review previously established speed limits, in order to adapt them to our region’s new reality.”

In Peru – where the high number of severe car and bus accidents is notorious – many of the vehicles are old, drivers reckless, and the roads often in a bad state. In the past several years, an average of 3,500 people died and 40,000 others were injured every year as a result of car or bus accidents, often caused by excessive speeding.

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