Facebook May Open Office in Peru – Report

Social media giant Facebook may open an office in Peru, according to a regional manager who made the comments to local newspaper La Republica.

Alejandro Zuzenberg, Facebook’s manager for the Southern Cone, said that the company is “studying the possibility of opening an office in Peru.”

“To open an office is very important because it allows us to be close to the people and the companies,” Zuzenberg said in comments reported by La Republica. “If the possibilities allow for it, we will do it. We are studying it.”

Facebook and other social media are becoming increasingly popular in Peru as more and more people have steady access to the Internet either at home or on their cell phones. Internet connection is still nonexistent in many rural parts of Peru and spotty in some poorer urban neighborhoods.

However, Facebook says there has been a steady increase in the number of users in Peru and Latin America in general. Brazil is considered one of the most active countries in the world in terms of social media use.

Facebook estimates there are about 12 million active users in Peru, which would be significant given the country’s population of 30 million.

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