More than 800,000 tourists have visited Peru since January

More than 800,000 tourists – mostly from the U.S., Ecuador, Argentina and Chile – have visited Peru since January, reported the Andean country’s Immigration Ministry on Thursday.

According to the Ministry, some 184,00 Americans, 60,000 Ecuadorians, 48,500 Argentineans and 46,600 Chileans have spent time visiting some of Peru’s natural and architectural wonders.

And, more than 46,000 Peruvians living abroad have returned to their home country, mostly because of the difficult conditions caused by the global financial crisis.

In addition to top attractions such as Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, Peru – a rich historic culture of proud peoples and traditions – is an environmental masterpiece of diversity that comprises arid coastal deserts, tall Andean Sierras, and flourishing Amazonian jungles.

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