Cocaine worth $18 million Nabbed in Port of Callao

Cocaine smuggling - Callao

Backpacks with 190 kilos of cocaine were stuffed into a container of paprika samples found for Spain from Callao. Photo: La Republica

Drug police reported this week that 190 kilos of high-purity cocaine were found in the port of Callao, valued at $8 million on the market.

The discovery was made in early July, but the report and photos were only made public this week.  Police said an inspection of the container showed that the outer seals had been tampered with.

The cocaine, wrapped in 175 packets in four backpacks, had been stuffed into a container of paprika samples being shipped to Spain.  The packets were stamped with figures of a dolphin and a lizard.

Two workers at the APM port services have been charged, one who worked in the vehicles entry control and the second in the container weighing section.

Last week, police made another report public, of a shipment of 250 kilos of cocaine that had been hidden in a warehouse of a port services company within the port.  The packets of highly-pure cocaine were in large black canvas bags.

The discovery was made during a pre-dawn inspection of the warehouse following a tip-off to police.

Police said the shipment was worth $10 million.

One of the leading operators in the smuggling of cocaine via the port of Callao has been Gerald Oropeza, whose criminal operations only became known to the public when hit-men attempted to kill him several months ago by throwing an explosive into his white Porsche.  Just as Oropeza went into hiding, a second-hand Ferrari Berlinetta F-12 that he had ordered in Italy, arrived in Callao. A toolbox in the car, suspected of containing payment for a cocaine shipment to Europe, disappeared soon after the vehicle was offloaded in the port.

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  1. Re: Cocaine worth $18 million.

    There are 3 figures in this article. $8 million, $18 million, and $10 million.

    Which one is the correct value? Does anyone know?

    Very Confusing!

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