Peru Backs Argentina Claim Over Falkland Islands

Peru’s government on Friday reiterated its support of Argentina in its longtime dispute with the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean some 300 miles from the South American nation.

Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister Rafael Roncagliolo said, however, that it is necessary for both countries to negotiate a solution to their conflict within international law, state news agency Andina reported.

Roncagliolo said Peru’s support for Argentina is based on strengthening integration in Latin America and “finishing with the residues of colonialism in the region.”

“This is a unanimous support and implies the need to find a solution to the differences via dialogue and the framework of international law and United Nations resolutions,” Roncagliolo said.

“We want them to sit down and talk to find a negotiated solution,” he said, adding that President Ollanta Humala will visit Argentina in February.

The UK has had control over the Falkland Islands since the 19th century although Argentina has always considered them —the Islas Malvinas— part of its territory.

In 1982, Argentina invaded the South Atlantic islands, which provoked a 74-day war with the UK that resulted in Britain regaining control of the islands.

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