Peru: Foreign Immigration Up 800% in Ten Years

As Peru’s economy has remained stable and shown consistent growth over the past three administrations, the number of foreigners in Peru — as resident immigrants or contract personnel— has risen almost 800 percent.

According to the National Migrations Office, the inflow of foreign workers rose 793% between 2004 and 2014.

Of course, in actual numbers, the influx is not that huge but it does reflect the economic stability over the past decade following the economic collapse of the late 1980s and the 20 years of internal conflict that brought several sectors of the economy to their knees and sent foreign businesses packing.

In 2004, the Migrations Office granted work visas to 1,463 foreigners, while in 2014 it granted the visas to 13,065 applicants.

“Peru has become an important destination for citizens from all over the world who wish to develop their knowledge and talents in a serious country that has a future.  Their work not only helps us to proper but also contributes to our own development,” said the National Migration chief, Boris Potozen.

In 2015, Colombians lead the immigration, with 1,713 citizens, followed by 757 Spaniards, 638 from Argentina and 556 from Chile, 330 from the United States,  and 267 from Asia.

The majority arriving within the first six months of 2015 are engineers (over 8,000), business managers, technicians, economists, entrepreneurs, and professionals in different fields.

Potozen has promised an improvement in the Migrations Office services, which has been sharply criticized for slow bureaucratic procedures in visa renewals and in reviewing cases.

“This wave of immigration must be accompanied by improved and speedier immigration services and procedures,” Potozen said, adding that the Office is now in the process of modernization.

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