Magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits Peru’s central jungle

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Peru’s central jungle region on Wednesday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The quake was located near the jungle city of Pucallpa, located about 370 miles from Lima and close to Peru’s border with Brazil. The USGS said the quake’s depth was 145 kilometers, or about 90.2 miles, which limited the damage.

The head of Peru’s National Civil Defense Institute, Alfredo Murgueytio, said there were no major injuries but that according to early reports two people in Junin region’s Perene district were injured when a house collapsed.

Meanwhile, most businesses, including oil and mining companies located closer to the epicenter, said their operations were continuing as normal.

However, Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica did have some issues with service following the quake. Peru’s consumers rights association, or Aspec, criticized Telefonica for failing to implement a contingency plan following the quake.

“That the contingency service is expensive and complicated to implement doesn’t mean that the company shouldn’t have it in place,” said Aspec president Crisólogo Caceres.

The last major earthquake in Peru was in August 2007. The magnitude-8 earthquake destroyed much of the southern city of Pisco and killed hundreds of people.

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